Skylar & Plux - Shaders

Jakob gavelli jzoxvoccyj2a


Jakob gavelli sandfallbreakdown

SandFall Material lolololol ^^

Jakob gavelli yne2v4ry1jsu


Jakob gavelli fvaxfr428qtw

Cloud Shader

Jakob gavelli rocks


Jakob gavelli rockshader

Rock Shader

Jakob gavelli actualrockmaterial

Here's some gifs taken during development of Skylar & Plux between 2015-2017!
Theres a quick breakdown of how the clouds get their fluffy look from all angles.
Aswell as the 4 major parts of a master shader I used for all the stone and rock objects in the game, this greatly sped up the work of the level designers and myself.
-Upvector grass so all objects made of stone could have either grass, snow or sand ontop of it.
-Detail Normals that are uniformly scaled depending on the objects scale in the world.
-A Topdown gradient, so the higher up in world space the mesh is it can change color, making multiple meshes blend together.
-A down to top gradient at water level that blends in a green hue close to the waters surface, also to make the rocks blend together better!

BONUS screenshot of the ACTUAL landscape/rock shader lol